What is the open box option at checkout?

The open box option at checkout allows you to purchase products from the Website and add them to your box until you're ready for us to post them to you. 

This option allows you to save postage as you can add products to the box as many times as you like and pay postage in one go when you're ready.
When you put an order through, choose the 'Open/Add To Box' option and the products will be safely put to one side until you are ready to use the 'Close Box' option and pay your postage. 

You will be charged a flat rate of £4.99 for shipping at this point unless your full order is over £25.
If your order is over £25 then you're eligible for free delivery, if your last order doesn't come out at £25 as you checkout and close your box then please message us in the contact form or email us at hawthorncollection@gmail.com

Please note if choosing the 'Open/Add To Box' option, your order will not be shipped until you have closed your open box at checkout.
If you want to close your Open Box without placing another order via the Website please get in touch via email or the contact form and an invoice will be sent out to you to pay any additional postage charges.

What is in your Wax Melts?

We use 100% natural, vegan soy wax, this is a sustainable product and does not contain harmful chemicals such as paraffin. We use wax specific dyes and mica powders. Our scent is created using fragrance oils, we always stay within a 10% limit in all our products. We also use biodegradable glitter, dyes and mica. All of our products are Vegan.


What packaging do we use?

Our packaging aims to create the least amount of waste possible, by using biodegradable or recycled products. The cellophane we use is biodegradable as it does not use polypropylene, it is compostable and made with vegetable starches, all natural and sustainable.    


How do I remove wax from a burner?

We recommend when you're done with your wax melt allow it to cool solid. Light a tealight under the wax and once slightly melted soak up the wax with a cotton wool pad or kitchen roll. Be careful of any spillages. We do not recommend pouring wax down the drain.


Why is my wax melt emitting smoke?

A wax melt will give off vapour, this is the fragrance oil evaporating and giving off scent. This is natural and will occur most when melting wax for the first time.

Why are my wax melts frosted?

During cooling wax melts can develop a white, powdery frosting on the surface which is made more prevalent when adding colour. This is to be expected as we use a 100% natural, soy based wax. To prevent frosting the wax would have to have preservatives added, however we want to keep our wax as natural as possible.