Rome Deluxe Ceramic Burner

Rome Deluxe Ceramic Burner

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The Rome Deluxe burner allows you to burn two different scents of wax melt at the same time, enhancing the overall fragrance experience.


This product is a significant styling piece that will enhance any coffee or console table.


You may need to use a tea light that is of good quality and 2cm high. 


Dimensions - 14 cm H x 16 cm L x 11 cm B

Please note all burners are indivdually made and there may be slight variations in colour, texture or uneven surfaces. 
None of the above affects the burners functionality.

Please follow manufacturer's guidelines and take care during use. Never add water to wax melts and never overfill. Do not leave unattended when lit. We recommend using a 4 hour tealight.